Master curriculum


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Project of a new International Master Curriculum  in Natural Rubber Production,  Technology and Management 


Strengthening human capacities in natural rubber research and development is part of the overall objective of the HRPP Platform. During the workshop on Higher Education and Capacity Building held during the 1st Annual Seminar of HRPP (January 2009) it has been acted there was a need from the rubber sector for a complete HRD system with integrated knowledge in the whole value chain (from up-stream to down-stream) 

 Training Aims

This Master is set up to develop and modernize the natural rubber production sector in sustainable and social-responsible ways by providing advanced level technical human resources in response to a demand from the rubber supply chain in Thailand and SE Asia.

 The curriculum is aimed giving a multi-disciplinary scientific and technical knowledge enabling the students to contribute in the fast-changing industry and markets worldwide.


Career Prospects

Agronomist (knowledge of breeding, farming system, advising farmers…)

Director of a rubber business, technical production manager, manager of a rubber plantation

Co-operative or private rubber processing business, sales manager, consultant

Bank officer: project analyzer, financial advisor…


Trainer/educator, rubber development officer/supervisor

Supply manager, technical consultant/advisor for professional or inter-professional organizations


Contacts : Dr. Philippe Girad ( CIRAD, ; Dr Poonpipope Kasemsap (KU, ) and Dr Chutima Tantikitti (PSU, )